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Latinò – window signs and ADV

Seasonal window displays, designed for the company’s collections Latinò Jeans, various presentations for Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter.
Various combinations typesetting, but continuous and badges for the company: matte coating, UV paint polishing tracks, hot foil gold and silver.
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eBay-Automobile: advertising campaign

August 27, 2009. eBay-Automobile born: a new portal, created in collaboration with and, dedicated to the sale of vehicles, aimed at individuals and dealers. Whynotdesign realizes the national press campaign for France and Italy for the launch of the e Two pages later announcing the birth of the new “baby” and explain the new features. The choices are tested as the car magazine industry Infos, AutoGratuitPro, Décision Atelier, Journal de l’automobile, JTA, and Quattroruote. read more »