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Il Bisonte animation

Christmas Animation for Il Bisonte, a leading leather Made in Italy.
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X-Media 2 – International Conference

Florence, Stazione Leopolda, March 17/18
X-Media 2- International Design Conference, Hypermodernism & new media. In a time when the goods are dematerialized, the product becomes a communication interface between the individual and the emission statement. The content is spread out through the media, distributed synergistically to determine the success of an idea. The time is ripe for the emergence of new languages and acts to convey the transformation to open a constructive debate that informs the project through the actors of tomorrow today.

Study, design and implementation of acronyms opening event and presentation of the speakers.

Were made of visual aids that animate the opening session and presents the content and interpreters. The marks were made on the topics presented and discussions held on the chosen color for the entire event: the green.


X-Media 3 – International Conference

Florence, January 2002 – ISIA Florence
X-Media is the International Conference on Design of communication, since its first edition, it is configured on both theoretical and creative within the tradition of Italian design, emphasizing its uniqueness compared to other technology-oriented events or style .

Study, design and implementation of acronyms opening event and presentation of the speakers.

The marks were produced giving information on the activities presented and had to cover the entire day. They were divided into: code to present X-M3; Acronyms Opening Session (one session); Symbol of the break; Acronyms Speaker presentation read more »


Aroseisarose – video installation

Video installation created for the exhibition of the photographe Marco Paoli  at the gallery “International Design”, Florence October 2002.
By installing a video / emotional story through photographs of the roses of the photographer, projected onto sheets of tulle in the exhibition space. The three-dimensional holographic effect and the sensitivity of wonderful shots, have given rise to a beautiful installation.

Project realized in collaboration with Almagreal (



Video-reportage on the issue of war, exploitation and illegal executions.
Made using clips taken from movies and the Internet, then processed and mounted. A warning about the ease and accessibility of content war, hard, cruel with no filter for the retinas of any human being. A glimpse of the fragility of political power and capital punishment. A video showing the habit of sharing images of fear and shocking. A video apolitical and amoral. A small drop in the ocean, to know that there still bagnamo everyone.


eBay – Everything is possible on Bay

A funny video made on request for eBay, the largest online auction house in the world.
The video “viral” in an ironic way that brings the craziest feeling that eBay has given us to imagine that you can review all the machines and sell online film and TV series 80 years! By Bo and Luke Dukes of Hazzard County with their “General Lee” to Michael Knight Night Rider with his trusty KITT.
A nice video that traced the saga of films and their characters through all their imaginations!


eBay – A year with Us

Video made for eBay Motory used to thank the dealers who were subscribers to “PRO” for a year.
The video shows the “numbers” of eBay and the most interesting information about the world of motors attached to the dealers and their potential guaranteed by affiliation.
The video is inserted into a digital picture frame that is sent and presented to dealers at the age of one year of membership.

motion web

D2D – Design2Day


In this site, you can purchase products at the service of well-being, a wish list container, ready to fulfill the concept of elegance and Vs status.
Limited editions and selections, icons of elegance and style of life forever.
The design is now mixed with the fashion, advertising, the demands of everyday life, often mingling and giving many ideas and lifestyles. The style, elegance and luxury are no longer an economic status related to the high bourgeoisie of the past, intellectual, and prepared, today the luxury means treat yourself, love yourself, without spending
worry about the label, increase their quality of life and level of personal satisfaction.
The luxury is a state of well-being, not mere ostentation, but the desire to declare their personal status and ensure their person

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