Ducati Pistoia – RossoCorseMoto

rossocorseWebsite “in progress” created for the new Ducati dealership Pistoia – RossoCorseMoto. A site dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts, a meeting point for discovering the world of Ducati news and promotions!

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Osteria Lo Ziro


At Impruneta, a good Tuscan cuisine, can not lie. And so it is for Ziro The Tavern, a restaurant real tasty, that presents the most intense aspects of the great Tuscan cooking. For us, the realization and the invention of a site with strong references to the world of taste of Tuscany, the hills, with cypresses and red ruby color of good wine, which abounds in these valleys.

From the site you can see the place, to know how to get the menu and offer for both food and for wine, because of the wide choice offered.

Book an evening directly from the site, you will not regret it. Enjoy your meal.

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motion web

D2D – Design2Day


In this site, you can purchase products at the service of well-being, a wish list container, ready to fulfill the concept of elegance and Vs status.
Limited editions and selections, icons of elegance and style of life forever.
The design is now mixed with the fashion, advertising, the demands of everyday life, often mingling and giving many ideas and lifestyles. The style, elegance and luxury are no longer an economic status related to the high bourgeoisie of the past, intellectual, and prepared, today the luxury means treat yourself, love yourself, without spending
worry about the label, increase their quality of life and level of personal satisfaction.
The luxury is a state of well-being, not mere ostentation, but the desire to declare their personal status and ensure their person

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Latinò Jeans


New work for the well-known lina of denim jeans “Latinò Jeans ”
A site simple, fast and evocative, which leaves out details and collections, with the refined taste that distinguishes the company.
Campaigns and national output, is in the best fashion shops, both national magazines, telling one another the lines and packaging techniques of these leaders, offering customers more information and news around the brand.
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Design Victims


We are all victims? Or we have become experts in fashion and design?
A blog that sneaks into the clutches of the thick and active life that offer design and fashion,
traveling in the vast and rugged world intersect, often considering the value
of beautiful and functional products, clothing and social implications that derived.
The blog was created and is maintained by whynotdesign, the Head of OWO.it
Maurizio Scarselli and the famous Italian designer Massimo Rubini.
A group of exception with a deep background of knowledge and
experience in the field of communication, design and fashion.
The experience is just gone, we are also made available to your
contributions and ideas for a free confrontation on these issues.
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Spazio 360 ° – 360 ° Decorating


Decorating 360 °, is the brainchild of the company “Space 360 °” (Termomarket Srl, Florence), the new site created by WND. A conceptual space, where the décor, design and bind the project to the new concept proposed by the company, to consider the customer as the center of gravity around which to develop proposals and projects.
On the site you can see the marks of excellence and the latest types of manufacturing, materials and products on the market and how it runs projects and limited edition design and offering advice to users who request it. Other interesting services that are short, you can also buy directly from the site and profit service that updates and newsletters to industry experts, users pay more attention to the evolution of design and connoisseurs of design and architecture.
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Superscommesse is a site able to provide the best available information on betting, odds and sports events on the Internet, an easy and fast way to compare odds of more than 50 bookmakers on every sporting event in the world, any time .

From the homepage you can choose the sport that interests us, divided by countries and leagues. Chosen the league matches are displayed with their best odds. One more click to choose the event and here is a list of all the bookmakers with their shares, and once again highlight the best odds.

Superscommesse.it compares sign-up bonuses and allowances authorized by AAMS Italian bookmakers to help you find the best value for your bets online. You know, in minutes, in addition to bonus bookmaker also shares all the bookmakers, choose the best and earn up to 20% more from your bets. In particular, our engine compare odds for soccer, basketball and other sports events for the following bookmakers:

Bet 365 – 1128 – Betfair – Betpro – Betshop – Betta – Bwin – Sanremo Casino – Eurobet – Digital Game – Giocopiu – Goblet – Core Group – Intralot – Ladbrokes – Lottomatica – Matchpoint – Bet Mister – Mister Toto – Party Bets – Betting the Planet – Betting Italy – Sisal – Sportingbet – Stravinci – Superbet – Toto 2000

Always play responsibly!
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eBay-Automobile: advertising campaign

August 27, 2009. eBay-Automobile born: a new portal, created in collaboration with ebay.it and mobile.de, dedicated to the sale of vehicles, aimed at individuals and dealers. Whynotdesign realizes the national press campaign for France and Italy for the launch of the portalebay-automobile.fr e ebay-automobile.it. Two pages later announcing the birth of the new “baby” and explain the new features. The choices are tested as the car magazine industry Infos, AutoGratuitPro, Décision Atelier, Journal de l’automobile, JTA, and Quattroruote. read more »