X-Media 3 – International Conference

Florence, January 2002 – ISIA Florence
X-Media is the International Conference on Design of communication, since its first edition, it is configured on both theoretical and creative within the tradition of Italian design, emphasizing its uniqueness compared to other technology-oriented events or style .

Study, design and implementation of acronyms opening event and presentation of the speakers.

The marks were produced giving information on the activities presented and had to cover the entire day. They were divided into: code to present X-M3; Acronyms Opening Session (one session); Symbol of the break; Acronyms Speaker presentation

Video Promo:

Video di presentazione conferenza:

Video apertura session 1°giorno: Comunicazione Urbana: nuove tecnologie e identità locali

Video apertura session 2°giorno: Conoscenza Vs Informazione: la merce tra dialogo e creazione del valore

Video apertura session 3°giorno: Identità e Coscienza Globale: forme ed etica per un nuovo design

Video apertura sessione pomeridiana : Cenerentola nel paese delle Fate: contenuti e barocco digitale a X-Media3

Sigla di break

Video di presentazione speaker

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